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Snack Sticks - BVB

Beef Sticks Our Beef Sticks are made from lean beef and special spices. Great for on the road treats, outdoor activities, or relaxing around the house.Snack sticks are a healthy and delicious favorite with kids and adults.

Jalapeno Sticks A snack stick with kick. We take our original beef stick and add Jalapeno Peppers and Jalapeno Pepper Cheese to spice up your life. Our Beef...sticks are made from lean beef, so you are sure to get quality with that great taste.

BBQ Sticks The Snack Stick for the sweet tooth. Our Original Beef Sticks Recipe of lean beef and special spices, but with a tangy sweet BBQ sauce. Great for a trip or as a snack between meals. 
Jalapeno Beef Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $49.95
BBQ Beef Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $42.95 $39.95
Ham Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $49.95
Jalapeno Ham Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $49.95
Teriyaki Beef Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $42.95 $39.95
Regular Beef Sticks 4 - 8 oz pkgs $42.95

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