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Hickory Smoked Meats

Pony Express Ranch: A Family Tradition

We’re committed to providing old-fashioned flavor and superior quality meats. Originally owned by the Swim family in Marysville, Kansas, Pony Express Ranch still uses secret family recipes passed down through the generations for over a century. Today, the recipes and know how have been passed on to the Lottman family who carry on the tradition of excellence. As always, only the top quality products are used to make our meats. Their quality and our secret recipe for dry, sugar curing and leisurely hickory smoking give our meats a unique country flavor found only at Pony Express Ranch.  
Bone-In Ham 16-18 lbs $99.95
Boneless Ham 11 - 13 lbs $99.95
Smoked Turkey 12 - 13 lbs $84.95 $74.95
Beef Jerky 1 lb $44.95
Beef Jerky 2 - 1 lb pkgs $78.95
Beef Jerky 4 - 1 lb pkgs $139.95 $125.95
Country Bacon 5 - 1 lb pkgs $64.95
Beef Sticks 2 - 1 lb pkgs $52.95
1/2 Bone-In Ham 7 - 9 lbs $67.95
PXR Summer Sausage 3 - 1 lb pkgs $45.95
PXR Ham Combo $115.95
PXR Smokehouse Special $96.95

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