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Beef Jerky

Blue Valley Brand jerky is a flavorful and healthy snack. Our award winning jerky travels easily and is a treat for your taste buds! Pepper based spices gives our original flavor jerky a special kick. If you prefer a more mild flavor try our sweet and tangy BBQ jerky. Slab Jerky is sliced for a more traditional texture. Our original Beef Jerky is made from extra lean beef rounds. The taste is great and it offers a healthy snack throughout your day for wherever you may be!

Low Fat Snack

High in Protein

Doesn't need refrigerated
Jerky (ground & formed) 4 - 8 oz pkgs $44.95
Slab Jerky 8 - 4 oz pkgs $78.95 $73.95
Regular (ground & formed) 4 - 8 oz pkgs $44.95
BBQ (ground & formed) 4 - 8 oz pkgs $44.95 $39.95

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